Microair Technologies - Complementary Aircraft Avionics Products - Remote Sensing - Monitoring - Control - Data Telemetry - Asset Tracking

Automated Flood Monitoring, Sign Activation and Data Telemetry - Vehicle Activated Speed Warning Signage - Advanced Flasher Warning Signs for roadwork activities - Solar Street Flag Lighting - LED Signage, Control and Monitoring Systems - Web-based Portals for interactive monitoring and control


R & D – Microair Technologies are committed to continual investment in research and development of innovative products on behalf of the private sector and industry as a whole, having evolved to be at the forefront of state of the art renewable energy technology. Ideal for remote locations, as all products are fully self-sufficient with low maintence requirements.


Projects in development are:

Remote Rail Crossing – Early Warning System

Remote – Slow Entering Vehicle – Early Warning System

Remote – Emergency Phone – Plug in System

Inductive Loop and Piezo Loop integration- Vehicle Classification, Count and Location.

IXP (Information eXchange Platform) – Ability to integrate within our data