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Automated Flood Monitoring, Sign Activation and Data Telemetry - Vehicle Activated Speed Warning Signage - Advanced Flasher Warning Signs for roadwork activities - Solar Street Flag Lighting - LED Signage, Control and Monitoring Systems - Web-based Portals for interactive monitoring and control

About Us

Microair Technologies is an Australian owned and operated Queensland business that are a part of the global digEcor group.  Microair Technologies has developed along with The Qld Department of Main Roads several cost effective products.

Solar Flag Lights      Vehicle Activated Road Signs      Early Warning Flood Monitoring System

The Advantages of all our solutions, is that they do not require mains power.  Perfect for remote locations where mains power is problematic or cost prohibitive with the added benefit of exceeding any energy reduction initiatives that are specified along with the high cost of electrical distribution infrastructure, thus reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

Microair have also developed our own software to back up and support our systems, in user friendly, secure cloud based, for all platforms including mobiles.  All data is live, measurable and formatted to your requirements, with a dynamic single user sign on, giving you the ability to manage access across several different levels, with changeable parameters to suit your organizational or even inter organization structures.